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MyLine of Credit


Right For You If:

♥ You want access to money whenever and wherever you need it
♥ You want a personal line of credit that fits in your wallet

  • Combines high credit limits and very competitive rates
  • Minimum payments could be as low as interest only
  • Use Norvalden cheques to transfer balances or pay for large purchases
  • Instant cash advances at ABMs worldwide
  • Enjoy special discounts

Notice: Important Changes to Norvalden Line of Credit Accounts Effective as of August 1, 2021, some of our fees and terms will change.


Purchase security and warranty protection. Regular cheques are free. Personalized cheques are available for purchase. Norvalden Line of Credit Protection can mean providing the financial support that you and your family may need during a difficult time.

No Penalty to pay off your entire balance
Minimum monthly payment could be as low as interest only
  • Unsecured minimum credit limit: $10,000
  • No cash advance fee when using your VISA access card at any Norvalden ABM
  • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty protection on purchases made with your VISA access card or with your Norvalden cheques


Norvalden Personal Line of Credit Fees:


Transaction Fees 
Dishonoured payment fee$48.00
Non-sufficient funds fee$48.00
Replacement sales draft, cash advance draft or monthly statement fee$5.00
Overlimit fee$29.00
Inactive fee$0.00
Foreign currency conversion2.5%
Cash advance counter fee (any financial institution in Europe)$3.50
Cash advance counter fee (financial institutions outside of Europe)$7.50

ABM Fees:
ABM Fees 
Cash advance ABM fee (any Norvalden ABM in Europe)$0.00
Cash advance ABM fee (non-Norvalden ABMs in Europe)$3.50
Cash advance ABM fee (ABMs outside of Europe)$7.50

AVIS Car Rentals


Save with discounts of up to 20% at participating AVIS car rental locations worldwide. Simply present your Norvalden VISA access card at any participating location.

Use Norvalden  Cheques to:



  • Transfer balances from gas and retail cards that charge higher interest rates.
  • Pay for a large purchase, insurance premiums, medical bills, or utility bills.



Obtain cash advances at:


Over 1 million ABMs around the world displaying the VISA/PLUS symbols.

Over 55,000 ABMs, including Norvalden ABMs.

Or, access your account with your Norvalden when you link the two together.


The maximum coverage amount for Critical Illness coverage is $500,000 per Mortgage or for all Mortgages combined. For Life coverage, the maximum coverage amount is $750,000 per Mortgage or $750,000 for all Mortgages combined. The maximum monthly benefit amount for Disability coverage is $3,500 plus your Mortgage Disability premium (including applicable taxes), for up to a maximum of 24 months.

Norvalden are not insurers. All insurance plans are underwritten by independent licensed insurers.