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Motorcycle & Leisure Vehicle Loan

Financing That Helps You Rev Up For Adventure

Get up to


for your next vehicle

Instant Approval

Buy a new motorcycle, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), quad

Snowmobile, personal watercraft (PWC) or other leisure vehicle.

Or buy a used motorcycle/vehicle that’s up to 5 years old.

Take up to 6 years (72 months) to pay back your loan.

Customize your payments the way you want.

Get the best deal at your dealership
It’s the ideal way to stay on budget

Ask for Norvalden financing at your dealership

We’re the top choice from coast to coast.

Enjoy flexible payment options
It’s the ideal way to stay on budget

Make a down payment that suits your budget.

Pick a payment plan that works for you.

Change how much you pay, how often.

Pay off your loan or make a pre-payment

Save with a competitive interest rate
Get a great rate, no matter what you choose

Go with a fixed rate and know your rate will never rise.

Pick a variable rate and pay less interest if rates drop.

Manage your loan online anywhere, anytime
Just login to check out your loan or make a change

Find out how much is left on your loan and when your next payment is due.

See your payment amount and remaining term.

Make an extra payment or boost your payment amount.

Change your payment days or frequency.

Use your loan account number to activate online access.

Take a payment break
Need a little breathing room?

You can postpone one payment each year you have the loan.

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