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Critical Illness Coverage

Line of Credit

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To protect you and your family in the event that you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness and unable to work, we offer Critical Illness coverage for your Norvalden Line of Credit account. Critical Illness coverage can pay off the outstanding balance on your Norvalden Line of Credit account in one lump sum payment should you be diagnosed with a covered critical illness. The maximum coverage is $150,000 per account or up to $300,000 for all Norvalden Line of Credit accounts combined.

A Living Benefit for a Debt-free Life

Whether you can work or not, Critical Illness coverage can pay off the balance on your Norvalden Line of Credit account if you are diagnosed with any of the conditions listed below. This living benefit can help with money worries and maintaining your credit rating so that you can focus on getting better instead.


Critical Illness covers the following conditions:


  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer


The cost of Critical Illness coverage is determined by your age, the average daily outstanding balance on your account during the billing period, and whether you choose single, joint or multiple coverage. And for your convenience, your Critical Illness coverage premiums are billed directly to your Norvalden Line of Credit account.

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