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Company Profile

Based in New Zealand, Norvalden Group is a leading alternative asset management company focusing primarily on late-stage control buy-outs, growth capital, healthcare, private equity, private debt and real estate projects. 
Established in 2009, Norvalden Group has become one of the largest and most active alternative asset management firms with a track record of industry-leading returns and performance.

The Firm has as of June 2020, approx. US$2.5 billion in assets under management, invested in market leading companies in fast growing sectors and in large real estate projects.

Norvalden Group has its headquarters offices in New Zealand as well as subsidiary offices in Canada and Switzerland. The Firm is actively investing across Europe, China and Africa. Norvalden Group is backed by over 250 leading shareholders including some of the largest wealth funds, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and prominent businessmen globally.