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Who We Are

Norvalden Group is a private institutional investment house based in New Zealand. At Norvalden Group, our investments span across various asset classes, industries and geographies. Norvalden manages in-house well-diversified portfolios in global listed equities, fixed income and alternative investments.

In addition Norvalden has substantial private equity investments and real estate spreading across many sectors. We have reputable partners in North America, Europe and Emerging markets.

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“Our goal is to build a better financial system for the investor — one that is simpler, more reliable, lower cost and transparent.”


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What We Do

Our Financial Target Industries

We draw upon our transaction and financing experience to balance a sharp focus on capital preservation with the delivery of attractive returns. Norvalden Group targets industries that we believe offer the best private investment opportunities, characterized by high growth, global competitiveness, and the potential for transformational change.