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For the last 12+ years we have helped companies, students, business persons, tourists, clients with medical needs navigate complex financial and immigration process and reach their goals. Besides, we also help with other family based, employment based & investment based Immigration.


We Provide Financial & Immigration Service

Business Law

Reduce the risks and regulate your business relations with a contract. The right words can…

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Banking Law

We advise banks, insurance companies, securities dealers and financial intermediaries in corporate, contractual and regulatory…

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More than ever before, individuals are pursuing citizenship options as the most effective way to…

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Immigration Law

It matters to people trying to build a better life for themselves. It matters to…

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Employment Visa

We help both employers and employees in all stages of the contractual relationship. In particular,…

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Work Permit Services

Whether you’re a company or individual, we blend a personalized approach with comprehensive coverage and…

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Complexities of the Immigration Process

The correct permit process to follow can depend upon any number of factors, including a person’s nationality, level of education, specific skillset, the availability of federally mandated quotas (if applicable), among others. Although immigration law exists at a federal level, each cantons has its own practice and language requirements that guide the decision-making process. Beyond this, local communes can also weigh in with their own particularities. This can bring complexity to the permit application process, making applications a far more challenging and daunting process to handle successfully without the deft footing of expert assistance.

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We have helped students, business persons, professionals, tourists, clients with medical needs to acquire Swiss visas. We also help with other family and provide counseling services for immigration

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